I am a computer science and physics teacher, a photographer, and I’m trying to make cakes on a semi-professional level.
My “main” job is the teacher one, and I absolutely love it.
The results – I think – speak for themselves. Out of all the competitions and awards, to this day my favourite part is my robotics team competing in the biggest student robotics competition in the world – First Lego League (FLL).
The best experience in my school life has come from that: in June 2019. my team qualified for the FLL World Finals, and we got to go to Lebanon. :)

A typical wedding session :)
Photo by Vanja Vučinić – of course

The “photography part” of my life started way back around 2010. and has evolved rapidly ever since.
I started to take that part of my life seriously after completing the Fotosofia 6 course led by Damir Hoyka in 2011., and culminated by acquiring the Master Craftsman of Photography diploma from the Croatian Chamber of Crafts. Soon after that in 2016 I started my own photography company.
It has been making great progress ever since, and these days it revolves mostly around shooting weddings with my friend and colleague Vanja at Marko & Vanja wedding photography.