The Artistic Process

These images were done a long time ago, some of them at the very beginning of my photographic endeavours. I’ve tried to use them in showing how the process of creating photographs (including these) actually works. Or, at least how it works for me.

  • It all starts with an idea
  • Then you see the light
  • And it immerses you
  • Deeper and deeper
  • Until a whole new Universe opens in front of you
  • New ideas keep splashing upon you
  • They keep twisting your mind
  • Swirling in your brain
  • Until suddenly, a depression stabs you
  • You can try running from it
  • But it's useless
  • All you can do is wait
  • Until you see a light at the end of the tunnel
  • And everything falls back into its place
  • Ideas come back
  • Stronger than ever
  • Overwhelming you
  • But everything has an end