The short version would be that I'm a photographer based in Zagreb, Croatia. The only real question is - am I the right photographer for You?

You have multiple possible way of deciding about that. Obviously, you could take a look at my portfolio.
Or you could scroll down and see some of the clients who have already put their trust in me, or below that see some of the media where my photos have been published.
Or I could start talking about exhibitions I've had, masterclass workshops I've attended (in Croatia and international), awards I've received, or how I'm currently finishing my MA in physics & computer science...

But the only real way to answer the only real question is to contact me, and see if I'm the right man for your project.
There's a chance that I'm not, but in that case I would be more than happy to recommend some of my colleagues who might be better suited for what you need to do, so again it's a win-win situation for you.
But judging from past experiences, chances are that I'll become completely obsessed with photographing for you, because I completely and utterly love doing what I do. And the result of that will not only be that you'll end up with photos you will love, but also that we'll both have fun in the process. 🙂
So go ahead, contact me. You have nothing to lose. 


Some of my clients include(d)...

Croatia Records

CMC Televizija


Harvey Norman

Status Grupa


City Magazine

Ožujsko Pub



And here's some of the media where my photos have been published...

Jutarnji List

Večernji List

24 Sata

Slobodna Dalmacija


Glas Istre




Digital Foto